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Quick Key is a small program written using the Microsoft .NET Framework and primarily designed to work as an enhanced replacement of the well-known Windows Charmap accessory. As such, you can select a system font, and choose characters from the character set in order to copy-paste them into other programs like word processors or browsers. This way, you don't need to remember the ASCII code or the shortcut keys required to reproduce those characters.

At first sight, Quick Key looks like a simple program with a specific purpose and limited options. But the more time you spend using this program, the higher number of unique features you will discover. You can re-order the characters on the char list, filter, add or customize them as you need. Then you can send the characters using different input methods to several window types or classes (ex. LastWindow, PuTTY, Cabinet, IEClass, and more). When you click on a character, you get a baloon tip with the character type and ASCII and Unicode code among other info. Moreover, the program can stay on the system tray for you to access the program's options in a snap.

The user interface is well designed; it is split in two windows, which can be moved (dragged) separately. This can be useful sometimes, but some other times you want to just move both windows together which is not possible. Leaving this detail out of account, if you need to use the Windows Charmap regularly for some reason, then you definitely must try this program. Just remember, you need the .NET Framework, so it may not run smoothly on older PCs.

Review summary


  • Fast download, easy installation
  • Very useful in some cases
  • Very flexible
  • Lots of hints


  • Quite noticeable footprint
  • Requires the .NET Framework
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